About Us

Our staff has over 150 years of hands on experience.

Pegasus Coin and Jewelry consists of John Maben, his wife Dorinda, and his staff of nine other professionals. 

Our business philosophy is to treat each person that comes into the store with equal respect and provide fair and honest services and goods. We will not insult our clients intelligence with the use of gimmicks such as huge percentage off sales and guaranteed 100% to 110% buy backs. 

We understand that it is not just our time that is valuable but our customers time as well and for that reason we are open 7 days a week. Most of our customers work and it is customer unfriendly to only be open the very same hours they are working or running their own business. 

Pegasus is all about you, not just what is best for us.

Many coming into our showroom do not have advanced knowledge of coins and jewelry. Instead of taking advantage of that, we pledge to share our knowledge, extensive and second to none in our region, rivaling the largest national companies. 


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