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Choosing the Right Team Matters

Updated: Jun 11

Would you let just any doctor perform surgery on you without doing a little research before going under the knife?

Trust a team of experts that have over 150 years of combined experience. Trust Pegasus.

The biggest mistake a seller can make is to choose the wrong buyer. Understanding that not all coin dealers are equally equipped or willing to serve you best and that a pawn shop is not the place to sell coins and bullion is rule No. 1.

Pegasus Coin and Jewelry is not your corner coin shop. With a staff of ten, six of whom are seasoned professionals led by John Maben, we are the go to place for both individuals and other dealers to buy and sell with razor thin margins. How can we do that? Volume.

Because of our emphasis on customer service, after your first visit you will understand why we have quickly become one of Florida's leading dealers. We make it easy to get to know us because we are interested in building relationships. That's why, on any given day, two or three people coming in are very frequent repeat customers!

We pride ourselves on being responsive. In most cases (unless it's the middle of the night) when you email us you can expect a response within 30 minutes and often the response is immediate. Please contact us anytime at pegavault@outlook.com if you need more information. You’ll get a prompt reply!

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