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Is Now the Time to Sell Your Gold?

Updated: Jun 11

Looking for ways to raise cash during times of uncertainty?

As the economy has been severely damaged as a result of Covid-19, the value of gold has fluctuated but is trending up.

According to forbes.com, As of April 1, 2020, “gold has risen 5.3% so far this year and may go higher still.”

Pegasus Coin and Jewelry is paying OVER THE SPOT PRICE for your unwanted gold and silver, in the form of coins, bars, and most rounds. Also paying top prices for broken jewelry, watches, etc. If you need some financial security, gather up your old coins, jewelry, and gold watches and you will receive a very fair price from Pegasus which reopened on May 1. We also buy platinum, rhodium, and palladium. Buying entire coin collections is our specialty!

So, is now a good time to sell your gold? That is a personal decision, but historically we are in the upper range of the price per troy ounce. If you have the metal and need to bolster cash reserves, the answer is yes!

We always answer all emails. Please contact us anytime at pegavault@outlook.com if you need more information. You’ll get a prompt reply!

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